Better, faster, and cheaper Earth observation with responsible AI


With advances in AI, it has never been easier to use Earth observation — the collection, analysis, and use of data to better understand our planet — to accelerate solutions for climate, nature, and people.

Clay is a nonprofit team on a mission to make Earth observation as useful and ubiquitous as a Google search. We believe in using open, responsible AI to make Earth observation a force for positive change.


Better Together

We're developing infrastructure to make Earth observation data cheaper, easier to use, and more accessible to marginalized communities and everyone working on climate and nature.

  • Our large AI foundation model is open-source and open-data.

  • The Clay app is an interactive, easy-to-use web app.

  • The Clay benchmark enables cloud providers to allocate compute resources.

  • Our API enables app developers and organizations to innovate.

  • We have a backend stack to handle and make all vector embeddings public.

The Clay model, our open-source Earth observation model, is 100x faster and cheaper to use than classic machine learning models for certain tasks, like identifying plastic waste with satellite imagery.

We’re lowering the cost of Earth observation to zero.

10+ years, $90 million, and 100s of data scientists to detect deforestation.

1 year, $1 million, and 6 data scientists to detect plastic waste.

2 months, $25k, and 2 data scientists to detect illegal mining sites.

1 hour, no cost, no technical skills – find anything.

Enabling action for Earth

We teach Earth to an AI to learn what’s happening — locally and everywhere.