Our mission is to change the way the world sees Earth. We're scaling climate and sustainability solutions by growing an ecosystem that harnesses the power of Earth information.


Our nonprofit team is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations access, apply, and create insights about the Earth for the betterment of people and planet.

Limitless potential to innovate

  • Track changes in forest cover

  • Allocate funding for environmental justice

  • Screen investments in natural capital

  • Model climate impacts to smallholder agriculture

  • Audit ecosystem restoration projects

Clay’s community is advancing sustainability efforts by distributing useful information about the Earth with greater ease, lower cost, and more flexibility than ever before.

Clay is like ChatGPT for Earth — a platform and community with a generative AI model at its core.

  • Community

    Our growing community of users and partners includes technical and domain experts, organizations, and funders.

  • AI Model

    Our open-source AI model allows anyone to make sense of what’s happening in precise locations around the world.

  • Applications

    Clay’s open-source platform includes the Clay app as well as the ability to create third-party applications.

  • Benchmark Tool

    We’re setting a benchmark to enable distributed development and track technological progress.

  • Backend Stack

    The Clay platform includes a backend stack to handle and make all vector embeddings public.

  • API

    Clay provides key infrastructure including an application programming interface to enable app developers and organizations to innovate.

  • Partnerships

    We provide resources for strategic partners working in sustainability, climate, and nature.

Enabling action for Earth

We teach Earth to an AI to learn what’s happening — locally and everywhere.